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Tjiuana Tummy Tuck? Will I be safe?

  • cdoublec
  • Toronto
  • 2 years ago

Hello I am new to this Forum and I would love any feed back or personal experiences from any one who has had a tummy tuck in Tijuana Mexico. I am flying from Ontario CA on Sept 24th to have my surgery with Dr. Luis Suarez. I am confident hes is a capable surgeon and that my procedure will go fine but all my friends and family are giving me grief about my decision. I keep hearing horror stories about kidnappings, gangs and illegal black market surgery and racism ( I am of mixed race B/W) My surgeon checks out and I have read nothing but great reviews about his work and even spoke with an ex patient but I am very worried about traveling alone and flying back a few day's after surgery. If anyone has any advice I would be most grateful for you feedback or personal experience. Thanks, and hope to hear from you soon.