The tip of my nose is pointy and upward.

  • kako
  • Tracy, ca
  • 3 years ago

I had my surgery on May 5th 2011. I specifically told my doctor no pointy and no piggy nose. The next day I noticed that the tip of my nose is upward like a pig and my nose is too long. Also there is large space between my lip and my nose. I am so worried. all my life I was called big nose, I am afraid that now I will be called pig nose. Today is three days after my surgery and my nose looks scary. Has anyone had this experience? Has the nose change after removing the packing? Please help.

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I had this too. I felt the space between my nose and upper lip was HUGE. Turned out, I wasn't seeing myself clearly in those first days after surgery because I'd gotten so used to what I had before. You're probably still quite swollen and experiencing a sort of dysmorphic view of your face now that you've had your nose changed.

Don't panic and try to give it a little time before you judge how it looks.