First time Poster - Surgery May 30th in Nova Scotia

  • sammysmomma
  • Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
  • 2 years ago

Hi everyone, I'm so glad I found this site. I'm 2 weeks away from surgery & have been feeling a bit panicky lately & was so glad to read some of your posts to see that is completely normal. I've never had surgery before other than something minor so I don't know what to expect but I wasn't expecting to feel so emotional about the whole thing. I keep crying over nothing. lol.   I have wanted a reduction for well over 20 years. I'm 45 & first went for a consult when I was 24. The waiting list at that time was 2 years long. but I waited. and waited. until I got a letter from the surgeons office telling me he was no longer doing surgery & I had to be referred to another surgeon. I was so angry until I found out that the poor man was on deaths door & passed away 2 weeks later.   By the time I could get into to see another surgeon (very long wait lists here) I had gained a little weight & the surgeon (I won't name names here) was a total jerk!!! made me feel like a piece of meat and was very cold & told me to lose 40lb in 3 months & come back. I never went back. that was over 15 years ago.   I had given up on it all to be honest. I figured this is who I am, 5'5 with size 40H boobs. But I still would have loved to have it done. My big problem now was paying for it. MSI (or provincial medial) will not pay unless your BMI is under 26 (or lower,I can't remember) and as a somewhat bigger girl all my life that was not happening. I was told the surgery would cost me close to 20 grand which I could never afford. so I gave up.   Then this year, in january, a former co-worker called me to say she had a breast reduction at a private surgery clinic here in Halifax, The Landing surgerical center, by Dr. Bendor-Samuel. It cost her $7000, she went from a DD to a B and as a very atheltic girl feels amazing. so I thought whats the worst that could happen, I go for a consult &  I"m out $100 if I decide against it.   So I call, thinking i won't get an appointment for months, and the receptionist says I've had a cancellation for tomorrow!! Seriously!!  I start to freak out a bit. but i go.Everyone is super nice & helpful, the place is beautiful and Dr. Bendor-Samuel is warm & open & informative. I understand why my friend spoke so highly of him. He didn't even kick me out when I started bawling for no reason. lol.   I booked right then & there. May 22 was supposed to be my date but after the anesthesiologist looked at my file he wanted me to stay overnight & they had to move my date to May 30th instead. I was rather upset about having to stay overnight but like the doctors assistant told me, because i've never had surgery before & my reduction is going to be a large one its better for my health to stay & be monitored. Also I live alone & really don't have anyone to stay with me so I will have to take my 2 dogs & stay at my 64 yr old mothers for a couple of days. should be interesting for sure. lol.   So I'll be going from a 40H (or maybe even a bit bigger) to a 40 c/d (he said big c small d type thing). it was funny, in his office when he started talkign about what size to go down to he said "we don't want to take so much off that you lose your feminitiy" which i read as we'll only go to a F or G. I start crying at that point & he says why are you crying? I say "If i'm gonna spend all this money I better be able to buy a freakin' bra at Walmart!!" He started laughing & says "I was thinking a big C or small D" and i say "oh that will be fine, sniff sniff" lol   So ladies, any recommendations for post surgery bras? did you put anything on to reduce your scars, like creams, lotions etc? is 3 weeks off work enough?  I work a desk job but its 12 hour shift work,days & nights. any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks!!

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hey girl so how are you how was surgery ?
Thank you rcancb. I'm the same, fine one minute, a basket case the next. I keep crying off & on I'm so emotional. its bizarre.

Luckily (or not, depending on how you look at it), my surgery had to be paid for ahead of time and if I back out for no good reason I only get half the money back & this girl can't afford to throw away 5 grand. lol. so like it or not i'm getting new boobs. lol

You'll be fine! and so will I. I've yet to hear about someone who regrets getting this done. its going to change our lives.
Hi sammysmomma good luck with your surgery! Im scheduled for June 20th and im scared one min and ok the next. Im trying really hard to not chicken right now all you guys on here is what keeps me going. Let me know how things go and keep in touch. I go for my pre-op on the 7th.
Thank you girls! I'm a little freaked out to be honest, well overwhelmed would be more accurate I guess. I have a ton of stuff to do in the next couple of days because I live alone so anything I think will have to be done after surgery that I won't be able to do I'm trying to do mysellf now. I hate asking for help and am a bit stubborn. lol.

On top of everything else I have to get new tires on the car & have tooth fixed. I am so stressed out I've been clenching my teeth at night & have cracked a couple of back teeth & for the 2nd time in a week I'm heading to the dentist. *sigh*

So today will be a busy day. But above all that I'm excited! I keep trying to picture myself smaller & I just can't do it. Buying a 40D sports bra the other day was exciting though and I already have some cute tops & sundresses I can't wait to fit into.
I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to hear all about about 2 days left best of luck!
girl you have a couple days left O please keep me posted on how your surgery went ok godbless...
girl i feel you im new to all of this too my appt is june 4th to find out surgery date and im nervous at the same time excited i cant wait you seen my picutres of the before lets see how they look after i hope im gonna be happy do you have any before pics you can put up then u can see how you look after the results please keep in touch and respond girl i am so feeling you and let me know most definatley how your surgery went ok keep in touch on here i also have facebook you can add me there so you are around the corner i know your happy dont be anxiuos have you had surgery before