how tight should compression pants be?

  • chinababe60
  • uk
  • 3 years ago

My pants arrived this morning & tried them on. When I finally managed to close them they were comfortable but had to pill quite hard to close them. Do you think I should order a bigger size to allow for swelling. I have time as op not until 1 dec. I have attached photo. Thanks

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You want them firm and snug but not to the point where they are hurting you and you can't breath.   If they were really hard to get into now you may want one size up for immediately after the surgery.  You could always wear the current pair after the swelling goes down a bit.  Hope this helps.
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Thanks Kimmers. I've got 2 pairs of this size. Tried them on again yesterday & they seemed easier to get into. Must be a case of "practise makes perfect"!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL...well I guess nobody ever said that this would be easy.   Just use your best judgment and if after surgery they are so tight they make you feel sick..size up.

Good question! Let me get Kimmers on this one. She's the resident been-there-done-that. :)

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