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Has anyone gone through this?

  • joland
  • 3 months ago

So far I have had 3 laser treatments to remove a dove tattoo on my hand. After the 2nd treatment I noticed it was fading away. The 3rd treatment was different and almost freaked me out because the doctor did not explain to me what he was doing, why he was changing he wavelenght, or what I should expect afterwards. Everywhere the laser touched my skin it left a white diamond shape on my skin. My tattoo was covered with this from the laser and it hurt bad, it really felt like my skin was burned afterwards. After about an hour my skinned turned purple and the next day it turned dark purple, I was convinced the laser had burned my skin and it was not supposed to look like that. I talked to a nurse at the doctors office and she said give it about a week to see what happens (even she wasn't sure what was going on with my tattoo) after about a week the skin started to peel, it was a scab! Come to find out scabbing is normal but like I said the doctor did not explain to me what I should expect afterwards. My skin was very pink after the scab peeled off I was told my skin would return to normal within a few months. It's been about 1 month and I'm already getting most of my skin color back. I haven't seen anyone else go through this, I haven't seen any before and after pics of this process so I was just wondering if I'm a test dummy and the doc is just trying something new or if this is something that many people have went through. I would like to know how the tattoo removal process worked out in the end.