If They Approved me for Panniculectomy... Why Wont they Fix my Belly Button?

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Hello, I'm new to this. I just had my panniculectomy on 9/23, 6 days ago. I had lost 67lbs due to bariatric & had massive skin hanging causing pain, discomfort & rashes. When I went for my consultation, I was told that I may qualify for a Panniculectomy. 4 weeks later, I got news that insurance approved. After many questions & research, it is said that with a Panniculectomy, no muscle are Tighten & that only & strictly only skin from belly button down would be removed. When it was time to sit with doc for clearance, he explained that he would remove the skin, "Tighten my Muscles", & re-position my belly button. I am beyond shocked. I thought a Panniculectomy did not include tightening of muscle nor a belly button re-position? What am I missing here & how can a Panniculectomy had included the muscle tightening & belly button re-positioning by insurance? My only complaint, I find my belly button extremely extremely high & it's not round, it looks like a V-shape. Does anyone know if belly button will get round again from the V-shape after swelling? And does anyone know if the belly button will lower on its on once swelling goes down?
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My insurance approved my panniculectomy, My Doctor fixed my belly Button im guessing as a courtesy, because I am still young. And it turned out perfect. I think a lot of it depends on your surgeon and whether or not he has time to create one.
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Hi there, welcome!

What do you mean, they won't fix your belly button? Do you mean that they won't create you a new belly button?

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