Is there anyone on this site that has completed laser treatment and their tattoo is completely gone?

  • Canadagirl75
  • Winnipeg, MB
  • 1 year ago

As great as it is to see people's journey's, I am wondering if there are people on here who have completed their laser removal?

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I have had a complete removal with the first tattoo I had removed, I am currently in the process of removing a much larger tattoo and am hoping for the same result! All I have left is some slight scarring though as the scar tissue is white it doesn't show since I am fair skinned. The factors that really effect your removal are the density of your ink and how deep it is. I lucked out in that the tattoo I achieved full removal with was done very superficially so it was pretty much gone after 5 treatments. After the 5 I just left it alone and about 18 months to 2 years later what little ink was left faded out on it's own. It is generally true that darker colors will remove better than lighter colors though if your ink is deep it's going to take awhile no matter what type of colors you have. I think that even with a complete removal there will always be some scarring though how people heal varies widely, some people are just better healers than others. Obviously your general state of health plays a big factor in this as well as whether you have the genetic predisposition to develop keloid scars.
Hi Canadagirl75, You just commented on my profile just today, and I just clicked back onto your profile (spur of the moment) and recognised the questions instantly. You may not have read on my profile, but I write that the sole purpose of me joining realself was to provide an ultimatum as to whether laser tattoo removal works or doesn't (at least for cases like mine). Funnily enough, weeks before I joined realself I was already researching laser tattoo removal and saw this very question of yours, which was exactly what made me want to join realself and share my story, whatever it takes. Thank you so much for this question; it has been an inspiration in a way you wouldn't ever believe. One could say it was this question of yours that made me join this site in the first place, as it was my attempt to answer it. I'm sure by now you may have gotten the question to this answer (does it actually work or not) but I'm also sure that many many other people have not yet. That is why I am on realself. Cheers, Eric
I bet there are. It's just such a long process that people loose steam posting about it.
Reply there does seem to be a distressing lack of full removals

Hopefully some RealSelfers who have experienced complete removal will be able to chime in, but in the meantime this Q&A might be of interest:

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