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Who are the best surgeons with experience removing implants in NYC?

  • irsi
  • New York, NY
  • 1 year ago

I've admittedly had a lot of setbacks with swelling--so much that my nose is now "horizontal"--but what I've realized is that the nose is a few centimers longer than the old nose. I expected my nose to look like the "old nose" with a slightly different shape/some puffiness as the swelling fluctuated through the day at four months. Right now my nose looks like the side of a car and probably will be long, stiff, and bulbous in another 6 weeks to three months. (By six weeks, I will be six months post-op.) It is hanging forward from my bridge and I have pollybeak.   There is a high possibility I will simply want the Medpor implant placed in my nose taken out; I know "ethnic patients" need structure, but I don't think I did. The nose looked great for the first eight weeks but scar tissue (and complications) have led to serious overprojection.    I'm trying to wait this out as I heal, but hating how my skin is responding to this. Does anyone have recommendations?