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What is the likelihood of not having muscle repair if I have never been pregnant?

  • ads1221
  • 2 years ago

I am going for my consultation on Monday and was wondering if it is possible to not need muscle repair since I have never been pregnant.  I have lost 100 pounds through diet and exercise.  Thanks for any advice.

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I had my surgery on June 22nd, and my surgeon said I did not need the muscle repair. I have one daughter (she is 21 now). I have come down from my top weight of 260 pounds 6 years ago to my goal of 150, and have been exercising a lot and strength training trying to get some muscle definition - everything is looking great, except for my tummy. Now, one week post-op, I am doing well. Minimal swelling, and I had my surgery and went back to work (albeit creeping around) the following Monday...
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Sorry - that should say that I had my surgery on Friday and went back to work the following Monday...
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Well, went for my consultation yesterday and the surgeon said I would not need muscle repair!
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