Can the experienced ladies help me with a BR checklist of things I will need after surgery?

  • herban_cowgirl
  • Upstate, NY
  • 2 years ago

I am scheduled for my BR surgery April 5th. I would like to start getting the things I will need to be comfortable and to help my healing process. Can you ladies make a list of the things I will need so I am all set when I get home. I will have very little support and be by myself most of the time. I hope I can take care of the dog, cats and chickens properly! I bought 2 flannel button-up pajama shirts so far. I'm sure I will need more. PLEASE help me be prepared for this healing time by myself!!! Everything from clothes I should have, to meds, personal products, foods, to what I should wear the day of surgery and the day after, etc Thank you so much!