swelling or muffin top??

  • Pam47
  • 2 years ago

Can someone please tell me if it's swelling or am I gonna have loose skin still?  When I stand I look good, but when I sit down I still got a muffin top.  I had an extended tummy tuck 8 weeks ago.  Under my bra line down to my belly button sticks out more then my waist....I am not happy with this.  I can grab loose skin. 

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My doc always says that you MUST have some skin while sitting or else you couldn't stand straight. That's a little strange that your bigger under your bra line instead of just even swelling. Perhaps things were more traumatized in that area or the muscle repair is swelling. I've heard that swelling is usually worse the lower you go, but I've also read that things drain upward so fluid could be stuck there. Let us know what your PS says.
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Sounds like you still have some swelling going on, make sure to wear your binder or corset until the swelling goes down, it really has helped me a lot wearing them 24/7, I now have very little swelling. Hope this helps.
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