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To swell or not to swell that is the question....

  • illinois8551
  • illinois
  • 3 years ago

Ok ladies for those of us that are on the recovery end of TT, MR, and Lipo, how do you tell if it is swelling or the way your body is going to look for now on. Really, 15 days out and I hate the way my flanks still roll with my bikin bottoms or underwear on. There is NO change in them at all, I am not joking about that. But maybe 500 ccs isn't that much. What do you all think? I figured by now they should be flat espicially after having them lipo'd. I an see the swelling in my tummy but nothing else looks swollen. COuld you be swollen and not know it, really? Does anyone else have this issue or is it just me? Lets talk ladies.....

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You really need to give it a few weeks before making a final decision.  Your body could hold onto the swelling for weeks so be patient. 

You will get there:)