Has anyone ever had a surgeon safely give them kenalog injections when they had a Medpor implant in their nose?

  • irsi
  • New York, NY
  • 1 year ago

I had rhinoplasty with tip elevation/rotation and a trimmed tip-top graft to narrow the nose four months ago. The nose looked pretty good at 6 weeks, when it wasn't swollen, but I saw the final result/shape. Then I bumped it hard, it refilled, and it's been downhill ever since. It looks like there's a pink disk under my skin.   Right now, four months post op, there is a big wad of scar tissue, the nose it's jutting, and while the nose is the shape it was when it was bumped, it's massive, alternately puffy/hard around the tip.  My surgeon refused to give me a kenalog injection and said it was dangerous/could cause indents, but because of the timing of the bump, at the rate I'm going not only will I wait a year to have a bulbous version of my old nose--I've have scar tissue around the tip, after two months of misery post-narrowing. I just want to get on with my life and am kicking myself for not treating the nose like glass to avoid this outcome. I have thick skin which is making this even more stressful.   What can I do? Oral steroids make me feel awful; I don't even think taping helps anymore. I understand why no other surgeon will see me even if I want for another two months (six months post op), but I'm miserable. I get cortisone injections for acne cysts and have for years and it doesn't cause indents. Why can't I do that now?