What Sort of Questions Should I Ask my Doctor During my First Consultation for a Breast Reduction?

  • Alessandra433
  • East Lansing, MI
  • 1 year ago

Any input is appreciated!

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I would have an in-depth conversation about areola size and placement. Reading everyone's reviews, that's one thing I've noticed makes a big difference in how they feel about the results. I would ask what kind of procedure they would do, whether you'll have drains, how long they need to stay in for, what kind of stitches you'll have, dressing care, and what size they would recommend (make sure your idea matches what is actually possible- they can only remove so much before risking nerve damage). Another thing to find out is how responsive the office will be should you run into any problems post-op. After your first consultation, you may just call their office to ask a mundane question, just to see how fast they get back to you. You don't want a doctor that just sees you as dollar signs coming through the door, you want someone who will treat you well. Good support staff (nurses, PAs, etc) are helpful too. Good luck! I took a look at your before pictures and you will totally look amazing after your reduction when you're able to show off the great waist you have.