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Smart Lipo or Vaser Lipo???

  • dawn78
  • Spokane, WA
  • 3 years ago

So i'm looking into getting Smart Lipo done for myself. I also was reading on the new Vaser Lipo. Now i'm nor sure what the best way to go is. Any

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Thank for your help and info.. Yes, i have gone "doctor shopping" and i found one. I'm scheduled for mine March 1st. I'm really excitted and nervous at the same time. Im gonna be having smart lipo on my "saddle bags" and abdominalplasty as well. Can't wait!!

Awesome! Good luck with your surgery!

If you're interested in keeping a diary of your surgery, you can do that here. :)


This is probably the #1 question about liposuction. I think we've all asked it at some point! lol

Everything is liposuction. The difference is in what method is used to break up the fat... ultrasound, laser, fluid, etc. However, most experts seem to agree that it's the doctor who makes the difference between a good or bad result. Here's some more info:

Vaser Lipo comparisons

Smart Lipo comparisons

IMHO it's like painting. You can say you prefer watercolours or oil paints, but a bad painter is a bad painter in any medium. If it were me, I would choose the doctor I feel most comfortable with, and use whatever system he trusts. Have you gone "doctor shopping" yet?