Smart Lipo in Georgia

  • Jackie K
  • Atlanta GA
  • 3 years ago

I'm trying to find a location near Atlanta (but, willing to drive for a good doctor/price). I've found some doctors; however, they are not plastic surgeons and I would ideally like to have my smart lipo and breast lift/implant at the same time and same location. Can anyone help me?

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So I had my surgery with Dr. Stanley Okoro in mid-May. I still think he's great! He answered all of my questions and even told me things that I should NOT expect to have change so I ended up with realistic expectations. My surgery went well (upper/lower abs/waist). I had no trouble and went back to work three days afterward.
So far my experience has not been positive; I made up my mind to have the smart lipo procedure done within the month, and have gone to two consulations thus far; The first place had an assistant who could not provide me information about the difference between the various procedures and stated that I could get my questions asked when I come to the consultation (I thought that is what I had made the appointment for); The second place I was really looking forward to; I had read the reviews and other information about Premiere Aesthetic Center (located in Stone Mountain, Georgia) and felt that this would be the place to have my surgery done, along with some other procedures if the combined price was reasonable; I made an appointment over the telephone, but received calls on three separate occasions stating that I was receiving a call-back to schedule an appointment (I thought maybe it was a new receptionist so I kindly explained that my appointment had been scheduled already); A few days before my appointment, I recieved a call stating that they would need to reschedule my appointment becuase Dr.Boutle' had a doctor's appointment for my scheduled date; Again, I was okay with this becasue life happens and they called me days in advance; When I arrived to my consultation, I was advised that I had arrived late; I explained to them that I came at the time given to me (the receptionnist gave me the option of picking from three times ranging from 10 AM to 12PM when they called to reschedule my appointment); The receptionist was adamant that I had come late and I was advised that I would need to reschedule for another time; I was disappointed since I had driven an hour to get there, but they allowed me to fill out my paperwork and made a photo of my identification so that I would not have to complete it when I came back on Monday morning; This morning I came back and I was advised that the doctor would see me in a few minutes; After 20 minutes or so I was escorted to a room and told that the doctor would be with me shortly (and that she was running a little behind); I waited for over an hour-an-a-half when someone came in and advised me that they would have to reschedule my appointment; "After waiting an hour-and-a-half?", I asked and explained that I have an hectic schedule and had postpone other obligations for this consultation; The lady apologized, but reinterated that I would still have to reschedule.
To say I'm disappointed does not sum up my feelings at this moment in time; I did not reschedule the consultation because the consultation should be the easiest part of the process; If a company can not get that right, should I really trust them to perform a procedure on me? Can I please receive a referral from a person who has had smart-lipo performed in Atlanta, Georgia and they are happy with the results? I am trying to stay optimistic and not take my experience thus far as a sign that I shouldn't have the surgery but...
I am having my smart lipo done next Friday (5/13) with Dr. Stanley Okoro. He is on this website answering other plastic surgery-type questions, so you can look him up. He has offices in Austell and off Johnson Ferry. Another poster (LeighB) just had it done with Dr. Okoro and thinks he's great! I can tell you more personally after next week...
oh my...i was looking to have her do my consultation only because my mother was a patient there but i do remember times she would wait for a long time to get seen. I would like a good dr to go to as well. i am tired of looking like im 6 months pregnant!
Blue medspa in midtown. They have been doing smartlipo since it came out. I had abs and flanks done and now 2 of my friends have gone. You will not be disappointed. Go on a consult and find out!

Seeing a few docs is a good idea (I would totally make a spreadsheet out of it, but that's just me! ;-). Good luck and please keep us posted.

Thanks so much for the link! I found some of those doctors on my own and some reviews on other sites weren't that great.

I did find one doctor so far up in Calhoun, GA.

I haven't gone to a consultation yet. Ideally, I wanted to have 3-5 doctors selected so I could compare and contrast the doctors after each consultation (and of course, compare their methods and prices).

Hi Jackie -- Welcome to RealSelf! There are lots of great doctors in Atlanta. Here is a list of board-certified doctors that offer Smart Lipo: Atlanta SmartLipo doctors

You can cross-reference their profiles for breast lift/implants; I'm pretty sure most of the plastic surgeons offer this as well.

Have you been on any consultations yet?