How do you know what size support Bra to buy after surgery?

  • smaller34
  • 1 year ago

I've heard that I should have an extra button down/zip up the front support bra, to wear while I'm cleaning the one I got from the hospital after surgery. But I have no idea what size to buy? I know I'm going to be swollen, so should I buy one that fits me now? Or should I buy one that's a little smaller then I am now? I'm so confused. If you have been through this please help. I'm not sure I'm gonna want to go bra shopping right after surgery :P I'm 34DDD now, I tried on a 36D front closure bra at Walmart and I couldn't get it to close around my breast, should I try a 38D, I'm so confused, please help! What did any of you do, how did you decide on what bra to buy for your self post op?