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I was wondering if anyone had any tips on showering?  My surgery is just a few days away.  I got the hand out from the doctor that talks about showering daily after the first 48 hours, using your usual soap, and lathering just under the collar bone, letting the water wash the soap down but I thought maybe some of you who have done this would have some tips.  Is there anything that made it easier?  How soon could you shower without someone assisting you?  I am a little afraid of the drying process (patting the incision areas dry) but I also am wondering about how to go about washing my hair when I can't lift my arms very high.  I have people to help me for the first week and I bought some suave dry shampoo but would love to hear any other ideas that worked for people.    

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Yes, so many different instructions. My Dr said I could shower after 48 hours. I was a bit unclear as to what to do, but i didn't have to change any dressings or anything. The first shower I took, I bent over and washed my hair. I did it really quick and not very good. I had my mom on call as I thought she was going to have to wash my hair in the sink. Today I showered and washed my hair normally with my the back of my head to the shower. I probably still did it quicker than usual, but at least I felt I did a better job. Today the PS emailed me back and told me that I could wash all areas and didn't have to recover with gauze. I believe I have internal stitches. I am not on any antibiotics. I see him on Friday and I guess I'll know more then.
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I have glue instead of tape so the only part I change out it the bilateral pambra that goes inside my surgical bra. It makes things a lot easier but I still can't do it myself. Good job washing your hair! I had to have someone do it for me and I get the sense it didn't rinse very well.
The second "shower" went much better. It was really more of having my mom pour a cup of water mixed w/ a bunch of dr bronner's soap in it over my chest and then pour another cup of just water to rinse. It isn't as well as I would like to be doing but it is a far cry from fainting (first go around).
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I am so impressed that you were able to do that. I am on day 5 and it feels like I will never be able to shower by myself. Mine was a really large reduction though, maybe that is why this has been so difficult?
I showered after 24 hours, used my regular soap and had no issue washing my hair. I haven't had much pain though and my incisions are internal. I just am very gentle and mainly have my back to the shower head. Washing my hair I thought was going to be really hard but after the first time I realized putting my arms up really wasn't painful, I just didn't overdo it and washed my hair quickly.
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The showering did NOT go well. I did a full up date, but long story short, it was a traumatic day.
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So ,,,,taking a bath really meant that i got to sit in the tub with about 3 inches of water. I had to keep my surgical bra and bandages dry.
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It really is strange how much doctors differ in their instructions. My PS allowed me to shower immediately. I have internal dis-solvable stitches and glue on my incisions. I was instructed to cleanse my breasts with Hibiclens for three days before surgery and I have continued to use that when I shower. I just very gently lather them up with it and let the water run over my back onto my breasts. I haven't had a lot of tenderness around my incisions so that probably has helped with the showering.
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My doctor allowed shower after two days. Everyone's experience is difference but i had no problem washing my hair by myself and i just kept my back to the shower and let the water run over my breasts. Dried everything reallly well and took cool blowdryer to make sure all moisture was gone.
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My PS hasn't allowed me to shower or wet my boobs. I see him again on 12th October and I will ask again if i can shower in full yet. My colleague who had a BR by the same PS said she couldn't shower for 3 months (12 weeks). I don't know if that will apply to me or not yet, probably will. I shower my lower half and wash my hair and upper body. I use disposable baby wipes with hibiscrub once only on each area which is healed. (I've only done this since i was 3 weeks post op. Before the 3 weeks; I had x3 weekly dressings and the RN wiped all the areas. I had to leave on my dressings and shower my lower half only and wash my arms and my partner washed my hair for me.) The nipples I now dress myself using sterile dressing packs from the hospital, sterile saline and dressings. I clean and dry each side and before doing anything I wash my hands for 2 minutes using the hibiscrub. Once dry I leave the boobs open to air whilst I put make up on my face etc and allow the air and light to help the healing process. Then I wash my hands again and apply sterile dressings to each nipple, put on a fresh bra and I have sterile pads underneath each side on the suture line to stop the bra from rubbing on the long incision. I suppose each PS differs with their advice but I am healing really well. Hope this helps.
So weird how instructions differ! I am not allowed a bath or hot tub for a few month but I am allowed to shower after 2 days. Kind of makes you wonder.
Cool blow dryer is great idea!
Don't shower take a bath. I did not get to shower for the first 2 weeks. i live where it is very hot, so i had to stay insde where it was cool so that no moisture/infection possible for my incisions. Dressing was changed by the doctors office at 48 hours, then 5 days later, then 7 days. I followed instructions to the letter. My healing results are wonderful.
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