Short Term Disability??

  • WestCoastgirlinPA
  • Southwest PA
  • 2 years ago

I haven't called my carrier yet..but I believe I will be able to qualify for STD during my recovery!! This is a Godsend. I was going to force myself back to work after 11 days..because that is all the PTO and VTO I have left! I'm wondering if any of you all received STD pay..and what steps you had to take to get it?   Thanks!

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That's wonderful that you are able to use STD. I have a breast reduction and tummy tuck and was told my STD did not cover cosmetics - oh well. Still glad I did it.
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I'm actually out on STD now... I used only 2wks of my vacation/sick time and the rest will be paid thru STD. I actually put my paper in early just so there's no hold up in getting paid..
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I AM definitely getting short term disibility!! MY HR department filled out everything, I took it to my Plastic Surgeon, They had it back to me the day before my surgery...Very very easy.
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