Anyone have sharp pains develop along scars?

  • Flgal77
  • Florida
  • 2 years ago

I'm about 9 weeks post-op. No open wounds.  I woke up Monday morning with sharp pains on the vertical scar under my left breast. I though my wound had opened. It didn't. Though maybe it was somehow pinched the way I was sleeping. So thought the day, the pain seems to come and go. Called the nurse thinking maybe a stich was trying to poke through or something. I stopped in and she looked at it, but didn't see anything. Said its probably the nerves coming back to life. It still hurts today, but it seems to be mostly when my clothes rub against it. Wondering if anyone else has experienced this and how long it may last. Wen it hurts I want to put my hand on the area, but you can't just grab your boob in public like that. Lol

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In sure you are past this now but... I had surgery due to an infection on my breast in January and once the wound was closed up I felt that a lot. The feeling was coming back slowly and I was also told it was the nerves growing back
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