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My scar goes high on my waist on just one side!!

  • LA1002
  • Alabama
  • 3 years ago

So I'm two weeks today and the bandages/stitches came off yesterday and I finally got a good look at my tt. The left side is beautiful and tapers right into my bikini line. The right side is very raised and goes high above my hip! It will be completely seen sticking out of my bikini!! I'm so upset and know at this point all I can do is take care of the scar to minimize it's appearance. The PS told me it will flatten and turn white over time - is this true for some of you that are several months out? I'm just so disappointed that it will be seen and I don't understand why it is so lopsided! :(

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Thanks so much for posting... I also (after the drugs wore off) remembered that I had a hysterectomy!! and my OB cut me my PS was working with what he got. the left side is flat and lays low and is already fading. My right side is very puckered and raised and goes very high. but it is what it is so i'm just working the palmer's on it twice a day and hoping for the best... it's still a whole lot better than before!!!
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Keep up with the firm massage and you will really notice a change.  It takes time and persistence.
The exact same thing happened to me!! Look at my photos & my review! My right side scar goes up about 2 inches above my bikini, while my left side scar doesn't show. I was so upset about that. I don't know how that happened!

Kimmers is right, it does fade. I am 6 weeks post op now & just a few days ago noticed my scar is fading. It is starting to turn light pink & even skin colored in some spots! I have been rubbing Mederma & Palmers Oil on it often throughout the day. Don't worry!
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Yes the scar will fade and flatten with time.  With a little care and patience it will fade.  Try not to panic just yet..

I understand how you feel but give it some time. 
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