Rope-like cord around neck after lower facelift...did yours go away?

  • margiemfn
  • 1 year ago

I have seen several posts regarding a rope-like cord around the neck after a lower facelift and have not seen where anyone's has resolved on its own. I am still experiencing this really distressing issue almost 2 weeks postop and while the other swelling has greatly subsided, this cord, most prominent on my right side, is not reducing in severity since the initial draining of it 2 days postop. I have followed all suggestions to include heat/ice/massage/head wraps, etc and while all make it feel more tolerable, none of these remedies have reduced the problem.  Several docs have answered my original post and I'm really grateful to them. My own doc is great, too, and said it was not a hematoma and would eventually go away, but from what I have been reading it takes steroids or kenalog or other injections to resolve it. I would just like to hear from the community to see if anyone had this issue and what they did to normalize those tissues, and how long it took. Thank you!