Looking for rhinoplasty surgeon - BEYOND FRUSTRATED.

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I am a white female with no breathing problems or health conditions, looking to make my rather big roman nose smaller. I am willing to pay basically anything, travel basically anywhere, and am prepared to have the surgery very soon - so WHY IS IT SO DIFFICULT TO FIND A SURGEON?! I hear all the "top" NY surgeon names, who charge $$$$, and then spend a couple of hours researching them to find countless online forums where people say "He botched my nose, I need revision, it looks terrible, I have nerve damage" etc. Now I know there is a degree of dishonesty online that has to be taken into account, but how can I pay $200+ to consult with a surgeon after reading multiple reviews that say "Whatever you do, don't... it ruined my life"!? I am BEGGING someone to PLEASE send me a referral of a rhinoplasty surgeon they went to who did an excellent job and can show before/after pics or speak to me for a couple of minutes on the phone/through email. That's it. I just want to have a short list of doctors who I know do good work so I don't waste 50% of my surgery budget on consults. How does one sift through so many positive and negative recommendations to find trustworthy referrals? :(

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I hope more reply to this. I am in the same boat laureneliz! I have spent so much time trying to find a really good doctor and have found out the ones who are supposedly good just have fantastic marketers. I've looked on forums all over the net and almost everyone seems to have nothing but negative things to say about their experience. Very few people actually have something positive to say. I'm now questioning the positive reviews. I don't know what's real!
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Hmmmm... I am agree. But I have to say that you are not going to find any doctor in the world who is not going to have at lisst one complain. Otherwise we would live not on Earth but in Haven ;)
I am doing the same research and I have realized that doctors who charge even 20.000 for the rhinoplasty doesn't mean he is the best but have the most complains. I am actually looking for dr. outside the country which can be as good as here sometimes even better, because they are trying to build reputation to earn trust from people in America and other countries.
India or Mexico is my present thoughts.

If you can afford good rhinoplasty surgery. May be this guy could be the best choice for you.
He has 38 years of experience with over 4.000 noses performed.

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Hi there,

I hope some folks head over and give you their input. Have you checked out our before and after photo gallery? There are several surgeons on RealSelf who get almost unanimous wonderful reviews.

Another thing you can do is read through doctor answers to rhinoplasty questions. You can often learn quite a bit about a surgeon through this.

I hope this helps. Good luck!

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