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Rhinoplasty - Did anyone else feel like this - does it get better?

  • anon3479
  • Perth Australia
  • 3 years ago

I just had my nose done 7 days ago. I had the tip of my nose reduced and the bridge narrowed. The only person who knew that I was having this procedure done was my husband. I was horrified when my splint came off. At first my nose looked pinched and alien like. Within a couple of hours the pinched look is gone and my nose is now massively swollen. I dont look anything like i did before. All i see now is lions nose with a wide bridge and a very swollen tip. I also cant smile anymore my top lip is swollen and covering my upper teeth. After a few tears I rang the surgery and spoke to one os the nurses who assured me I will be much happier with my nose when i came back for my checkup in two weeks. I really hope she is right. Has anyone had a similar experience to this?