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Rhinoplasty and Insurance for Deviated Septum

  • Doglover234
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • 1 year ago

Hello - so I scheduled a pre-op appointment with Dr. Pontell in Media PA. I have always wanted to fix my nose cosmetically, but also medically as I have a deviated septum and can never breathe out of my right nostril. Dr Pontell confirmed that I did have a deviated septum and asked if I had insurance. Well today I call his coordinator, who tells me that by submitting my claim to insurance it will actually end up costing me extra money. Who in their right mind has heard of such a thing? I have to pay his cosmetic fee which is $7,500 plus atleast $1,000 for the surgery center AND by submitting to insurance it will probably cost more, bc then I'll have to pay a deductible. The whole thing sounds so ridiculous. I'd probably be better off with Jefferson Facial Plastics. Does anyone else have any input? 

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I was similarly shocked when I went for consultations. The doctors I consulted with all told me the same thing. It didn't matter that insurance would cover the anesthesia and medical component, the surgery would be the same price for the cosmetic portion. In my mind, I thought for sure the total cost of the procedure would be reduced by whatever my insurance covered. NOPE!
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I actually got it straightened out. They don't accept my insurance, so it doesn't really matter anyways. I have done so much research and have decided that Dr. Pontell is worth every penny. I could go with Jefferson Facial which I'm confident is much cheaper, but I'm not willing to go to anyone that has so much as a negative review. Dr. Pontell doesn't have any negative reviews or comments written about him except one person complained about his nurses which doesn't really bother me a bit. His work is really all I care about.
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have you heard any negative reviews about jefferson facial?
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Hi Doglover234, i am also having a rhinoplasty/septoplasty in a week , and my insurance covers the functional part of the surgery, that is the surgical center expenses. in my case that is half of the total cost of the procedure. i am not sure whether what you are being told makes sense, but i suggest you consult with another surgeon just to get a second opinion. good luck!
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OMG, health insurance is mind boggling! So the septo-rhinoplasty will cost $7500 + $1,000 total, or just the rhino fee is 7500 and the septoplasty portion is separate? You might talk to someone else in the office who can explain better... Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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