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Rhinoplasty swelling after 16 days

  • khaled
  • USA
  • 4 years ago

hi, I had both Septoplasty and Rhinoplasty 16 days ago and my nose is still very swollen and it looks really big specially from the tip and when I touch my nose from swollen area I feel hard skin looks like fossilized skin so

Is this all normal? if so how long its gonna take (because it looks not good at all)? Regards

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Hi Khalid,
I realize that you had concerns regarding the swelling of your nose but now that it's been over a year I am wondering if the swelling has gone down considerably and if you are now pleased with the results. Would love to see a pic of your nose now.

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Hi Dr. Bellin I am really afraid the surgery has not been performed in a proper way!! Im feeling too much depressed, Im too much enclosed to myself because of this swelling
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Your swelling does seem a bit excessive; but if the surgery was done properly, you should expect a reduction in the tip over the next few weeks and months.
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You are only about two weeks out from your surgery. With nose surgery it is very normal to still have swelling and numbness at this point. You can expect 1 more week or so of the initial swelling going away, 2-3 months of more advanced healing going on, and up to a year to feel like you never had surgery. Keep the faith! It will all get better in time. I hope this info helps!
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