Rhinoplasty at 14?

  • Nastya
  • Boston, MA
  • 4 years ago

I would like to know if it is possible to make rhinoplasty at the age of 14 and which type is better in my case - open or closed? Also, how much it may cost if my nose is arcuated on the left and upward? thanks!

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I apreciate the jaime's post. He is decribe in the great way.

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Rhinoplasty should only be performed after the nose, and midface in general, has stopped growing. This generally occurs by age 14 for females who have had their first period at least two years prior. For males, this occurs by about age 16. Of course, there are females who have not finished growing by the age of 14, and they should not undergo a rhinoplasty. However, most females have completed their facial growth by age 14 and could be considered for rhinoplasty after evaluation by a rhinoplasty specialist. The question of open vs. closed rhinoplasty depends on the nasal anatomy and what the patient wants to achieve with a rhionplasty. For instance, to reduce the size or refine the shape of a nasal tip or significantly alter the shape of the nose, an open technique is preferred. To simply decrease a dorsal hump or width of the nasal bones, a closed approach may be attempted. Ultimately, the surgeon will decide on a surgical plan based on the patient's nasal anatomy and his/her expereince with closed vs. open rhionplasty.
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how come some people are saying its 16 for girls and 18 for guys but others are saying its 14 for girls and 16 for guys...this is all very confusing. how do you know if your face is finished growing?
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You know if your face is finishing growing when you are finishing growing.It is about 2 years after puberty (first time of menstrual period)for girls and about 3 years for boys
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Hi Nastya,

Generally speaking, surgeons are reluctant to operate before you're finished growing. The above-referenced question gives a bit more info, as does this one: Is 15 years old too young for Rhinoplasty?

Of course, you can always go to some consultations and see what the surgeons say. They will be able to evaluate whether you are further along in your growth and could possibly have surgery.

Hope this helps.

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