Swelling and revision rhinoplasty

  • 4 years ago

I had a revision rhinoplasty procedure almost 5 months ago. I told the surgeon that I wanted my nose to look exactly, but exactly like I look now with one or two slight revisions. Now my nose looks 80% thinner on the bridge with a HUGE round tip and a slightly collapsed left upper nostril constricting my breathing.

The sides do not match either and I am very upset. He tells me that there is alot of swelling still and I should wait at least 9 months to see the results as the tip will unswell significately and let the nose fall into place. Is this true? Can I upload a photo to show you an example?

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Swelling on one side of my nose after Rhinoplasty? I had a Rhinoplasty revision done about 2 1/2 weeks ago. While I understand that it can take up to a year to see final result, the left side of my bridge is severely swollen and elevated (as it looked before surgery), while the right is exactly how I discussed it would be with my surgeon prior to surgery. My doctor ensured me that this would go down, but after almost 3 weeks now, and from previous experience, I am very skeptical...should I be concerned?

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In many places it can be read recovery from revision can be 1-2 years. It's more than terrible how most doctors underestimating or underadvertising the REAL recovery process and the mental effects. I was a nice looking guy on camera, and in real life too I was confident never had problems. Now I feel hideous, ugly, unnatural. Believe or not, my nose is bigger than before, from every direction and physically too. My advice: Nothing is better and enjoyable than a natural looking nose, whatever it looks like - live with that and enjoy! Unfortunately it's too late for us. I paid a high price for my stupid idea to alter my nose. And I will pay this price day by day, every day, until the end of my life.
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hi almanac, this is my first time on this or any plastic surg. forum. i just had nose work this past fri. it is tues. as you say, it is too late...what i would give for my old, natural, beautiful, NATURAL, nose back. what a mistake...i now sit and contemplate what led me to this choice, this mistake. they say there is a reason for everything, and i am sure that this will turn out to be a catalyst for some forward movement in my life at least in terms of wisdom. no matter what this ends up looking like, i see very clearly that no plastic surgery can give us (of course not everyone) the beauty of something natural. so, i saw your post and am replying cause what you say i very much agree with and am experiencing the feelings of regret. but trying to find the positive in it.
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