Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon Referral - Los Angeles Area?

  • yoshida
  • 1 year ago

I have seen a few surgeons and it seems I need straightening of my septum to correct twisting in the lower (non-bony) area of my nose and that my tip should be counter-rotated. I know there is no "best" surgeon. All I want to know is the names of a few Drs in So Cal. who would be preferred choices to perform these 2 highly complex procedures. My case will not be easy. Who would you refer me to if I were in your office? I will of course consult/research and see who I get along with best. Thanks.

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i just had a revision 3 months ago by Dr Andrew Frankel in Beverly Hills. He is a revision specialist and I think he is incredibly talented. My case was very complicated due to collapsed septum and over rotated tip because of too much cartilage taken out in my original surgery. Even though I am still swollen on the supra tip I am so much happier with my new, normal looking nose. Let me know if you need more details.
Thank you juless!! I am so happy to hear you are feeling good about your revision... It gives me hope. I have heard good things about Dr. Frankel. Would you feel comfortable sending me before/after pictures? You can blur out your eyes/mouth for privacy.
How much was your rhinoplasty with Dr Frankel? Just want to get a ballpark figure to see if I can even afford him.