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When will bruising from Restylane go away?

  • roxann123123
  • florida
  • 4 years ago

I want to know when the bad bruse will go away and when the needle marks will go away you can see them all. the upper lip looks smaller

its only been 3 days since i had it done and if it still has wrinkles after will the dr do it again? if it didnt take i paid a lot of money

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I was told the Restylane can last up to two years, They told me they were using Juvederm but it can create a blue tint because the area under the eye is very thin. I bruise easy so that's probably why mine took longer than typical to heal.
I had extreme bruising after my injections and it was very lumpy looking. I was very concerned. I wen back for follow up 2 weeks later and she smoothed it out with a Q-tip...rolling up from the puffy area and hard areas messaged. She pressed quite hard on areas that were really hard and it fixed the problem. She told me if it came back to put warm compress on and roll upward..never downward which can press it downward. That worked for me. I woke up a couple of days ago 2 months later and had swelling under my left eye with a notible lump...used warm compress and smoothed out with a Q tip...than put ice compress to reduce swelling..worked for me..happy with the overall results but I don't think it is worth the cost or pain and hassle involved.
how long does fillers last is there a product that can work without fillers
I had a bruise from Restylane . I had it injected a few weeks ago..I left the office with a bruise and it took 2 weeks to go away.. and then it came back !!! I woke up one morning and I had a bump/ lump or whatever under my right eye.. it looks fluid filled. I wasn’t sure what it was . I thought of might be the Restyalne .. I thought it moved from its injected location! It was there for several days...I read online that you can press firmly on the bump or lump and I did that and it went away. also I used ice packs and tried to sleep in a upright position..Thank GOD it went away.. I was pretty scared.. I had to have the surgeon paged b/c it was the weekend ..

I also had sculptra injected in cheeks/temple area but not the same day as the Restylane.. so I was massaging my high cheek area as instructed by my plastic surgeon.. I’m not sure if the massage near my eye area is what caused the bump/lump under my eye.. scary! The Dr. said he it was eye trauma and possibly form over massaging.. I didn’t go in to his office for the bump/lump.. b/c it went away… it was there for over a week..
Yesterday I had Restylane injected into my marionette lines. They were not really deep Iines to begin with, but I wanted them to look refreshed. I had no pain after the treatment, however last night I noticed that one of my mouth side is very much larger that the other and i am really worried as my lip is also larger on one side and looks strange . Is it common to have one side much more swollen than the other?? It looks very uneven and has changed the look of my face around my mouth. Please help with my question as soon as possible, as I cant sleep with worry. (this is the first time i have had anything like this done)

I had the same problem with bruces and my mouth size is larger then the other and how can bruses gos off