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I had my breast reduction on Friday, Dec. 28, 2012.  I had so much anxiety leading up to it that I almost cancelled.  My mom's comments of "you aren't THAT big" were annoying, and made me start to question my decision.  At 5'2", 130 lbs, I wore a 34 DD or DDD, so I knew I wasn't THAT big compared to others who undergo the procedure, but I still had all the problems associated with large breasts on a small frame.  Because I've had such negative reactions to in-surgery narcotics in the past, my PS and the anesthesiologist decided to try something new with me in surgery - they decided to try a nerve block with the anesthesia.  This is a procedure they've done for a long time on abdominal surgeries and mastectomies, but is relatively new (at least at this hospital) for breast reduction surgery.  It made it so that I didn't need as many narcotics, along with the nasty side effects.  It worked great!  At 4 days post - op, I'm completely off pain meds. Some things I didn't know to expect were how sore my ass would be and the migraine I rang in the New Year with. (I believe that both are associated with laying low for the past few days.)  My husband has been incredibly supportive through all this.  I have very little bruising, no drainage, and even with the steri-strips and visible stitches, they are PRETTY.  So far, I'm very happy that I did this.  My first post op appointment is on Thursday.    While I'm too self conscious to post photos, I'm grateful to those of you that did.  It was helpful to know what to expect. 

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Mine was dec 28th too! I did not get sick from the Anesthesia, but that was due a lot to the nurses advice before surgery too. My biggest thing for a few days was my hurting back and butt from laying down, even in the recliner. I could not take the narcotics for pain at all, so I started right out with Tylenol Extr. Strength. I take that as well as the Arnica and drink pineapple juice for the swelling. My recovery has been going well, but I thought I would be able to do more without getting so tired by now. Probably due to my age (54), but I would do it all again!
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I had mine the day before yours. Recovery has been tough but I don't regret my decision. Take it easy and let other people help you, even if its hard. I'm a control freak so its been rough for me. Good luck to you!
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Hope all is going well for you!
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