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Reoccurring seroma, anyone?

  • BellyBGone
  • Colorado
  • 3 years ago

I am 18 PO and had one drains removed at 3 days and the other (probably too soon) at 10 days po. T week following the last drain removal, I developed swelling/fluid in the lower abdomen, above and below my incision. The PS said it was a seroma and removed 70cc. Two days later, he removed 55cc, which was 3 days ago. Only now, the fluid is back and looks to be about the same volume as was last removed. I see my PS on Wednesday and he will likely need to drain the area again. He said it could take 4-6 wks for this to resolve itself. Anyone else have experience with reoccurring seromas? I'm doing really well otherwise and am back to most normal activity (work, etc) with the exception of any exercise. Would really appreciate hearing from folks who have had similar experience. Thanks.