Regrowth? Is the treatment working?

  • caji456
  • 11 months ago

I had my first laser hair removal treatment on my bikini area 3 months ago with the soprano xl.  I was told I was a perfect candidate, very pale skin and black hair.  A couple weeks after the treatment ALL the hair fell out and didn't even start to grow back until about 2 weeks ago.  Now, all the hair has grown back and I see no reduction in the number of hairs, the only difference is the hair is thinner.  What does this mean? I don't think this regrowth is a new cycle of hair that wasn't present during treatment because my hair in this area is not this thin.

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Regrowth is normal during laser hair removal. It will likely take several sessions for all your hairs to fall out. Just understand that last hair removal is not permanent and it will require long term touch up treatments as hair will start growing back much thinner and finer.
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Hi caji456, I had two LHR with Soprano XL. It reduced only a very small amount of hair in my case. But, I stopped treatment because I have severe hyper-pigmentation and throughout my bikini and legs and other parts treated. It's been 4 months but now every time I shave I have a terrible rash that lasts for up to a week or more. I don't know if it's because the hair now is slower in growing. But either way, be CAREFUL. The Soprano XL is not that great as I just learned.
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