Does this look ok? I regret getting my tummy tuck

  • Whywhy
  • 2 years ago

Hello, A week ago I decided to go get BL with BA and Skin only tummy tuck to fix my body issues after 80 lb weight loss 9 years ago... I'm very pleases with my BL but my tummy look so strange and weird.. I know its too early to judge but I feel I got a very sloppy job there.. uneven cut and dog ear and fat hanging on both ends.. My surgeon recommended skin only since I didn't have children yet..  My second issue is I'm getting married in 2 month and terrified that my tummy tuck won't be healed by then.. My surgeon minimized the TT procedure since it was skin only with no muscle repair.. I'm scared I'm totally ruined from enjoying my wedding and my planned honey moon.. Any thoughts??? Thank you