My recovery set up for those interested...

  • TAG4688
  • 3 years ago

This has been my home for two weeks now. I thought I would share a picture to try to pass along what has worked for me. I rented a medical lift chair ($200/month) which was a tremendous help. Certainly not a necessity but very helpful. It actually raises you up and out of the chair by remote. This is where I've been sleeping for two weeks. The travel pillow on the back of the chair helped w/sleep too. Priceless investment for me as our bed sits extremely high and we have no recliner. Camera left~keyboard and mouse to imac, magazines and thank you cards for meals that were brought. Camera right~Imac, home phone, iphone, tv remote, meds, water, a bell (my mom brought this for me although she can't really hear it when I ring it lol), and my and pictures from my children who are missing their mommy. I also have a serving tray (not pictured) w/all my bandages, peroxide, ointments which keeps it all neat & contained and easy to put on the table beside me when changing out bandages. I also put a little box on it to put trash in. Hope this helps someone out there that has upcoming surgery. Again, this is just what worked for me. It's been a long but good recovery. Best wishes to everyone who is having surgery in the future!