Best way to recover from Glycolic Peel burn?

  • mauiKristin19
  • 98366
  • 7 years ago

I recently did a glycolic peel of 40% on my face. I have used one before that was even higher(50%) and had no problems. I noticed great results on my acne scarring. So I was happy with the product. but because I am so fair skinned I went a little lower by using a 40% peel.

I left it on for only 2-3 minutes tops.. and had immediate blistering. after about an hour they dissapeared and my skin wouldn't stop secreating around my mouth. From what I've been told it's plasma that my body was producing on my burns. It eventually dried up and is now extremely crusty, brown scabs. It hurts to smile or open my mouth to bite food, etc...

I am not picking the scabs, but am worried if this is going to be permanent on my face( around my mouth is the worst). pigmentation problems, scars, etc... I'm actually kind of scared & nervous. About how long will it take to heal or if there is anything I can use on my face to help heal & help with the discomfort, etc. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! Thank you very much.