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No recliner....alternative?

  • GW8772
  • Albany, NY
  • 1 year ago

Hi all, my surgery is scheduled for 1/22. I'm reading a lot on here and through my PS office that I should really be in the reclining position for recovery. I don't have a recliner and can't really afford to buy one right now.  What is the next best thing?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Thank you for the tips! I will look in to getting some wedge pillows and that 3-pc system looks amazing!
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I have the 3pc contour system :) It was a lifesaver!! I bought it at kohls and used some of the store coupons and kohls cash .... I paid like 70.00 after all was said and done :) Good Luck !!!
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No worries..all you need is several pillows.  Keep them under your knees, back and any place else that helps.  

A couple of wedge pillows for under your head and back and soft pillows for under your knees and elbows.  You will quickly figure out how to move!

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I purchased a pillow system from which I highly recommend!: Comfort Dreams Zero Gravity Adjustable 3-Piece Wedge System

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Very nice!  Thank you for sharing.

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