ON-Q® PainBuster® Post-Op Pain Relief System

  • Dreemer
  • Ft.Lauderdale, Florida
  • 3 years ago

Any one use this? Seems like a dream come true....downside??

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Awesome - highly recommend it!! No pain at the incision site at all (though the rest of the stomach still hurt). But compared to my C-section when I did not have the On-Q, the incision was just a non-issue with the TT. Only downside was that you wear the pump in a sac around your neck, so one more thing on you, but that was very, very minor in the scheme of things. Wouldn't do it without the On-Q. Even my surgeon said that the one time the switch wasn't on for one of his patients, she was in so much pain that she almost went to the ER for IV pain meds - then she realized the problem and it was a world of difference. Worth every cent in my opinion!!