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Wish my ps hadn't shaved hair growth is driving me crazy! Suggestions please!!!

  • honey72
  • Orlando, Florida
  • 3 years ago

I know I cannot be alone on this....however, I can't find anyone or anything online with a similar situation. HELP! I was shaved "down there" during my ps's request I was told not to wax or do anything down there myself for risk of infection. So I followed directions... But now the new hair growth is driving me hurts, it itches, it's prickly and it is growing right at my incision line...causing ingrown hair and razor bumps. It literally feels like little razors on my skin. I bought some over the counter stuff for ingrown hair but the relief has only been temporary. Even growth rate has slowed it's taking forever for this sea of stubble to grow out. This just plain sucks! Am I alone....or is anyone experiencing this as well?? And if so any suggestions please.....I am 6 weeks post I am not exaggerating when I say slow growth rate!