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Postop 3 weeks belly button oozing... Normal?

  • waterside1979
  • Annapolis, MD
  • 1 year ago

my belly button just started oozing some... Is this normal? Did i strain anything picking up something too heavy?? Ive had to pick up my 17 pound baby up some the last couple days.

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Still swollen just above the incision at 7 weeks post op. If I go without my binder for a long period of time it's especially swollen. I'm atypical because I am one of the few that loves the binder. It feels really good to me to wear it. Still have very little feeling in my abdomen. But for the most part I'm back to normal. Haven't started working out yet, but mostly because I can't get motivated with the heat.
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I did too oozed from my bb this happened about 2 months post op (i'm 4 months now) BUT it was because I expelled an internal stitch from it, then I would clean it with peroxide and put antibiotic oinment and it got clean and dry in about 3 days, maybe your bb is not infected but it could be a stitch tryin to come out....just keep it clean and put some antibiotic and see what happens...
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Thanks abbyallen!!!! How long were you swollen after tummy tuck?
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Mine oozed too until about 5 weeks post-op. As long as it isn't greenish, bright red blood or smelly, it's pretty common. I just cleaned it with water on a q-tip and then applied neosporin. At 6 weeks it was no longer oozing or crusty.
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Oh, and it didn't start oozing until about 3 weeks.
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