Point of Losing Weight Prior to TT?

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What is the point of losing weight if most of the fat is located in my loose stomach? Won't the tummy tuck/lipo remove that? Thanks!

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@ Angie - Beginning of February. Most people think I look skinny but I still have a lot of loose skin $ fat in the stomach area. I've lost 200 pounds (all natural, no surgery/pills). 6'3 205, male, 22.

@Kimmers - I hear people say that but what does that mean, that I will have a better result? I mean if the fat is in my stomach area, hanging with the loose skin, and if it's just going to be lipo'd/cut away, how will loosing that fat help?

I don't mean to sound mad or agitated or anything, I'm just very curious (: thanks for replying guys
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Hey no problem..totally legit question. 

The best way to describe it is this..if you still want to drop a significant amount of weight then you could risk having more hanging skin after the tummy tuck.   But it sounds like you are done with the weight loss?  Then probably removing what is hanging will be the finished product you need.

I just know that as I lost my weight my tummy became more lax and hung more and more with every 10 pounds I lost.  So if I had done my TT early on in my weight loss I would of probably ended up having to do it all over again for the new hanging skin.  And trust me I do not ever want to go through that procedure again. 
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Most surgeons prefer that you are within 15-20 pounds of your ideal weight prior to having a tummy tuck.   You will have a better result, and being healthier is safer for surgery, and your healing will be easier.

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Well, it depends on how much fat you do have in your abdominal area. Here are some good doctor answers that refer to your question.

When are you planning to have a tummy tuck? Have you scheduled a consultation?

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