Looking for a plastic surgeon Chicago and suburbs !

  • DDZ
  • Palatine, IL
  • 3 years ago

I am thinking about Smart Lipo ,I have checked a lot of doctors in Chicago area but couldn't find even one without a bad review.Please help me pick the right one !

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Is this the same Dr Roberg who's medical license is under probabtion after being arrested?
I just had smart lipo done on my abdomen (upper, lower, and sides (flank?) ) by Dr Roberg at Your Medicos/Northshore Medical Center in Buffalo Grove. He was very thorough, and took a lot of time to make sure my results were even. He took out 1500cc of fat (plus all of the liquid/etc) and the procedure took about 4 hours from start to finish. It's been about 12 hours, but I already feel like it's a lot better! We will see when the swelling goes down :) It was about $3500 with the compression garment.

They are running a groupon right now too! I think it runs for like 2 more days, to June 4th?
Did you have any luck?
I'll be going to Dr. Turok, in Fox Grove. My op date is the 8/23