Has anyone had a persistent "plugged up" ear feeling after Mini Facelift and chin lift?

  • madster07
  • 1 year ago

I had a mini facelift a little over 2 years ago.  I have also had a plugged ear feeling for almost as long.  I have gone to two ENTs and had a hearing test done. One ENT said there was nothing wrong.  The other said I might have some eustachian tube dysfunction but that was all. I have tried decongestants, cortisone nasal spray, and even had a tube placed in my left ear which was the worst one, but nothing helps!  I also have a lot of scarring and scar tissue around the front and back of my ears!  

The doctor did a terrible job and used staples for closure. I have very noticeable scars in front of my ears and behind my ears feels all lumpy. Sometimes my ears feel so plugged I can't hear as well and this affects my work.  Also, my left ear become unbearably itchy on the upper lobe especially to the point where I have to stop myself from scratching it or it gets sore.  I don't know what else to do! I feel like my life has changed since this surgery and not for the better!  I only look a little bit better from the actual lift. I didn't look my age to start with and wish I had never gone to this guy who, by the way, did the surgery on the same afternoon that I came in for a consultation.  He said he had a cancellation. I realize I should had seen that as a HUGE red flag, but I was on a break for two weeks from school (I teach) and I thought it would be a perfect time.  I long for unplugged ears again!  That's the thing that drives me crazy!  Any suggestions, stories, advice will be very, very welcomed!  

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Most probably it may be due to wax, or any cotton placed during operation, so it is better to consult with any ENT. If you are having any severe hearing issues, meet an audiologist, who asked me to get a hearing aid. As he assisted I got one from Hearing Solution in Toronto. Anyway you do a hearing test.
I have had the plugged up ear feeling and really feel I have had some hearing loss as well. I am 11 months post op, and it's uncomfortable and frustrating to say the least. I have read numerous posts on this site from doctors who say that hearing loss would not happen with a face lift, but I think like what Margie112 stated, that because the nerves around the ear get so messed up, how can it NOT affect your hearing? If I kind of pull on my ear a bit, the hearing gets better, so I really think the surgery did something. But how do you fix it? What can be done?
Madster, I'm so sorry you had this frustrating complication. I had a mini-lower facelift & neck lift 13 months ago. I've had a plugged up ear sensation on and off since the beginning (along with a lot of other miserable sensations too numerous to mention.) Had my ears examined by two ENTs, two plastic surgeons & my primary care dr. They all said there's nothing wrong with the ear itself but one ENT said that I may have TMJ dysfunction. After having that checked out by a leading TMJ specialist, I can categorically rule that out. So basically no one can explain it. Even now I still get that feeling every once in a while. Personally I think the nerves around the ears get seriously messed up by this surgery and can cause all kind of weird and unusual sensations incl. this plugged up feeling. (Unlike you, though, I don't feel that my hearing has been affected.) I'm sorry I don't really have any answers for you other than to maybe look into TMJ dysfunction if you haven't already. I'm also pretty happy with the way I look but there's no way I would have done it had I known what I know today. (By the way, my ps is very experienced, double board certified and very well respected so I guess these things can happen no matter how good the surgeon is.) Best of luck to you. If you ever find a solution, please post it here.

That sounds truly miserable! Here's what some doctors say about a woman who has hearing issues at 2 months post op and here's another Q&A about that.

Maybe some folks who've experienced something similar will hop on and give you feedback. I hope this resolves for you soon!