1st period after an extended tummy tuck

  • Jennay1974
  • 10 months ago

Ok so I got my period on the 9th of November, had surgery on the 14th and then got my period again on the 3rd...and I am STILL having it. This now makes 11 days. It is not heavy enough for a tampon but too heavy for just a thin liner. So I am having to use a pad that I am just tucking into the hole of the compression garment which is a pain in the butt BTW. I have the Mirena and am generally very regular with light periods that last 4 - 5 days. Anyone else having this issue? I am beginning to think it will NEVER stop!

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I have FINALLY stopped spotting as of 3 days ago.
My cycle has been messed up since my TT surgery which was November 6th (3 days before you!). I actually got my period the morning of the surgery. Awesome. Then it came 22 days later (I am a 28 - 32 day girl). It was SUPER heavy for one day and then completely went away. I am also a 4 - 5 day flow girl. Now it's starting again, but today is day 25. The bloat is so bad that I went to the surgeon's office because I thought my muscle repair had failed! LOL! It's light and not heavy and just wEiRd! What do you think is causing all this weirdness with us? Stress?
I think the stress mentally, and to the body causes some hormone issues. I am still spotting on and off. Especially right after sex. It's getting a little ridiculous, it's been 3 weeks!!!