Six pack just not possible after tummy tuck

  • geo12x
  • Hollywood, FL
  • 9 months ago

I Did my 1st surgery in 2012 march tummy tuck/chest reduction and this April I did my revision on my scars and been still doing cutting diet with daily cardio and weights. I feel like im loose again as u can see.... that middle spot been loose since first surgery and just wont tighten and I have a flop hang when I sit down? MY DIET AND REGMINE IS STRICLY WATCHED TO VERY SINGLE THING WITH NO CHEATING . is it possible to get the 6 packs in my case or no? I also feel AB MUSCLES when I laydown... is this possible... some doctors online have told me there wont be that TIGHT ab showing look due to skin quality will never be the same?

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any one have any idea or has been in this situation?