Can I get original look with rhinoplasty after broken nose & septoplasty?

  • Anonwomp
  • Illinois
  • 4 years ago

I broke my nose when I was young. I got older and had it looked at because I had difficulty breathing. One nostril was nearly blocked, so I had a septoplasty done. After having the operation and getting my splint supports taken out my doctor left the city. I went elsewhere, and they said I have nerve damage. Although, all I feel is pressure on the upper right portion of my cartilage. I can feel the top flat portion of my nose twist and press out. It isn't painful but uncomfortable. Can I get my original look back with rhinoplasty?

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How do you really determine the skill of a surgeon? I got a septoplasty from a standard hospital staff surgeon, and I'm still not sure what exactly he did. Do you predict the outcome based on a portfolio or something? It just seems getting a good surgeon is luck of the draw.
Hi Anon, Rhinoplasty can help to bring the appearance of your nose closer to what it was originally. What your nose looked like before, your current structural anatomy, and your surgeon's skill will determine how near the appearance of your nose will be to your original nose. Choose your rhinoplasty surgeon most carefully. Dr. P