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Nose Job. 10 Days Post Op and My Nose is So Big

  • ree212
  • 2 years ago

i did my nose 10 days ago i am so scared because my nose so big and the tip so big i saw people had same thing after one year. i dont know because i think after 10 day you will know if its right or not nose job for me too painfull and i bruise alot every where in my face my jaw my lips. i hope its worth all of this but i am 100 sure its not cause if my nose small and it swelling it will be small but my nose so big even if the swelling is gone its will be big

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hi angiemcc ,ya i will do but i am sure 100 its didnt work ooooooo my god
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Hi there! I'm sorry you're worried about your outcome! You need to try to be patient, though. At 10 days, your nose is probably really swollen still. Hang in there and please let us know how you're feeling about it in a few weeks.

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