Is nj just a very expensive place to get plastic surgery?

  • Bciwantto
  • 1 year ago

I was quoted for a Tt, bL, ba, lipo of flanks for 23k. And a thigh lift for 15+k. I'm not a drastic weight loss case. Just victim of bad genetics. I've never seen anyone pay these prices on this site. Anyone have insight to this? Have seen ppl paying less than 15k for mm and <10for thigh lift with great results. 

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Hi there,

Costs definitely do differ with geographic area. And some women go to other countries and pay less (not recommending this, just letting you know why there might be such a large price discrepancy). 

Here's a map that shows thigh lift costs in different regions of the U.S. And here's one for mommy makeover (TT plus breast work).

I hope you find this helpful!