Are nightmares normal?

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Hello everyone, For all who have gone thru the process & for those heading into it; have you experienced nightmares? I have them all the time: mistakes the doctor might make, improper healing? And the closer it gets, the more nervous I get & the more real the nightmares are? Is this normal?

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I haven't had 'nightmares' but i've had crazy vivid dreams including people that aren't a part of my life. I did have one dream that I had gone to surgery and i had no ride to pick me up and had to walk home and just crazy stuff like that.

All of this is normal. It's like having crazy dreams when you're pregnant.
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It's absolutely normal. :) Anything you have on your mind, especially a traumatic event like an upcoming surgery, can give you nightmares. Don't let it psyche you out; it's just your brain's way of dealing with the stress.

If it continues you can try relaxation techniques before you go to bed ("calm blue ocean," that sort of thing), so you have happy thoughts at the front of your mind when you fall asleep. :)

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Many women active on RealSelf experience anxiety before their surgery. Sifting through a few mommy makeover reviews will prove that. And nightmares are a normal extension of anxiety. Just your subconscious working through your worries.

Here's what one doctor has to say about a Cleveland woman with extreme anxiety.

I hope you're able to come some sort of peace with your decision before the big day. Keep interacting with the women in the mommy makeover/tummy tuck communities! We're thinking about you!

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