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Hello Ladies!!! I am so glad my guy found this site and shared it with me. I started researching breast reduction surgery about 6 years ago but just met with a fantastic PS last week. We are currently waiting for the approval letter from the insurance company, and then a date will be set. I am currently a 36H and suffer from severe back, neck and shoulder pain. I have also lost nearly 70 lbs and did not lose one ounce of breast tissue. With that being said, reduction it is.    I am just wondering how long after surgery I am going to need someone to help me or if I will be ok on my own after a day or 2 of recovery. My surgeon does inpatient, so day one and part of day 2 will be at the hospital. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!! Also, my surgeon and I have discussed reducing my breast size to a full D or DD. Thanks for any help!!! :)

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Thank you everyone!!! I am still waiting for insurance. I love this site. I have been doing tons of reading and am learning a ton. I am anxious the get surgery scheduled. The sooner the better!!!
Dear Newbie Your post reads as if you are describing me! I am a 36 GG (aka an H) and lost 70+ pounds (now 75+) not an ounce from the breasts. It is odd because the last five pounds seemed to come from my neck (great old lady neck) and a teeny bit from my breasts. The net effect is that my go to bras are now my stand bys and my ouch, these are a bit tight are my everyday bras. I'm expecting to need to buy new bras in 25 days, so I'm waiting. I am scanning fashion magazines like crazy. There is a pre-op shopping list on this forum. I can't remember where. If you can't find it, Kimmers may be able to help or I can send you the list I made from the list. When is your surgery. Mine is feb 28.
Everyone is different but a few things to thing about are: depending on the method your PS uses, will you be able to shower right away or will it be a week or so? Raising your arms up will be difficult at first, so perhaps someone to help the first couple of times? At least consider having someone in the room just in case you feel weak or faint--many women do the first few times. Also, reaching up into cabinets or shelves will be difficult for a couple weeks. I didn't feel much like cooking, and wasn't to drive for at least a week, so have a plan for that--even if it's only someone stopping in a few times a day. You'll likely spend a good amount of your time sleeping/resting, but having someone nearby can be a great comfort. I suggest reading lots of posts here from women who are already past surgery and take hints from what they went through. Everyone is a bit different when it comes to pain tolerance, need for emotional support and the actual procedure/restrictions after, but you can at least gain some good ideas and apply them to your own situation. Good luck to you! Waiting for my letter was the most agonizing part of the whole process! Can't wait to hear your success story in the near future! :)

I would love for you to start your own review!!  Just sent to a message with a link to get started.